Abdul Bangura is the Sales Coordinator at Great Light Community Services Society. Abdul is currently pursuing his Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology at Langara College and hoping to pursue his Master’s Degree in Sports Science at University of British Columbia. He is a responsible and organized sales coordinator who is proficient in building and maintaining client relationships and producing quality results. Abdul is a passionate and goal-oriented worker with a drive for excellence. He strives to build himself with all the skills required to increase the productivity of the organization he works for.

Skill Level

As a sales coordinator at Great light community service society, Abdul’s main objective is to manage sales and facilitate communication between sales representatives. Abdul is primarily in charge of achieving sales goals and maintaining positive customer relations. He spends majority of his time on administrative tasks such as managing schedules and ensuring customer satisfaction.

  • Leadership – 80%
  • Verbal and written Communication Skills – 85%
  • Team player – 95%

“Great things come from hard work & perseverance. No excuses”

– Koby Bryant –