Abraham Jones

President / CEO

Abraham Jones is the President/CEO of Great Light Healing Community Services Society.  Before becoming the President of this great Society, he was involved in working with Energy Savings Companies & Automotive Investment Companies because of his outgoing personality and business acumen. He has done well for himself in Real Estate Development & Investment. He has served mostly in faith-based organization as a spiritual leader in several areas. His personal philosophy of life is that no matter what life brought your way, you must try to strive for the best or at least dream big. His love and passion for seeing the wellbeing of people has webbed him to become a hub of knowledge and wisdom for many leaders in the community. As such, he delivers lots of presentations on business development, mentoring and coaching. As a leader in holistic approach to care, today, he offers himself as a servant to lead this Society to make waves in our community. He completed 3 years of education in Couple’s Counseling & Cross- Cultural Studies from Alberta Bible College and now pursuing Political Science Degree from Simon Fraser University.

Skill Level

Sample text

  • Creative – 92%
  • Performance oriented – 95%
  • Self disciplined – 90%

If you can’t lift yourself up expect no one to push you up

– Joshabelle Suman-Chineye –