After School Language Programs


Did you know that children who engage in learning a second language score significantly higher in creative thinking, problem solving, reading and other subjects compared to children who are not exposed to a second language?

At a young age it is easier and quicker to learn languages when children are at their prime cognitive stage, making language learning effortless. Furthermore, second language enrichment opens the minds of children to other cultures, thereby helping them to become more understanding, tolerant and appreciative of others as they get older.


Languages taught

Our After School Language Program offers language immersion for kids in FRENCH, SPANISH and MANDARIN. Children are taught in an engaging, fun and safe environment where they are encouraged to interact, think critically, solve problems and work as a team all while learning another language.

They not only learn to speak, read and write in another language but they also immerse in the culture of a new language through various activities including arts and crafts, storytelling, games, drama, songs, music and dance, and other exciting ways to make learning a fun and rewarding experience. 

For beginners

Our classes are for beginners, so your child does not need any prior communication skills in the new language to be enrolled into this program. We take them from ground zero to them learning the alphabet, numbers, verbs, phrases, vocabulary, songs, pronunciation and phonetics in the target language.

Second language lessons are taught by professional and qualified teachers who are native speakers of the language. The curriculum encompasses exciting activities so that kids can have fun while learning a new language in a supportive environment. 

Our Schedule

Class Schedule:

  • French: Mondays from 5pm – 6pm
  • Spanish: Fridays from 5pm – 6pm
  • Mandarin: Fridays from 5pm – 6pm

Our classes are offered on a semester basis. Please contact us to find out if the language program of your choice is running.


We close early every last Friday of each month. This means, our After School Language Program does not run every last Friday. 

We are closed on all statutory holidays.


Language + Homework:

The language program is combined with our Homework Club which runs from 4pm-5pm on the same day.

Therefore, your child will join the homework club at 4pm and then do their language program at 5pm. However, you still have the choice of just registering for the 1 hour language program.

Learn more about our Homework Club here.

Age Group, Fees and How to Register

Age Group:

Our After School Language Program is offered to children and youth ages: 5 -15 (Grades K-10).

Program Costs:

  • This program is FREE. We only ask a $5 donation a day, per child to cover the cost of printing materials and stationeries. 


  • This is a drop-in program so no registration fee is charged. However, parents still need to fill out a registration form per child.

How To Register:

Click the button below to open and download the registration form. Complete it and email it to: or bring it to our centre between 10:30am-6:00pm Monday to Friday.

Tutoring and Homework Support

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For more information, please contact our program coordinators at or call (778) 328-7729

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