Anti-Racism Community Awareness and Education (JumpStart)

This program aims to reduce hate crimes and racial discrimination through awareness campaigns while also empowering Black individuals’ communities by creating a nurturing and supportive environment where they can take advantage of the different opportunities that give them a competitive advantage in economic and social development.  Discrimination against them is harmful to Blacks, and the entire country is on the verge of erupting because they lack the resources to devise a solution.

This program is designed to reduce anti-Black racism through various community education activities that aimed to prevent the occurrence of racial discrimination incidents.

Anti-racism Community Education and Awareness Campaign

Through our Black and African Diaspora Awareness and Education campaigns, we partner with various communities with the goal of educating non-black Canadians about the historical and contemporary positive impact and contributions of Black culture to reduce prejudices, misconceptions, segregation, and anti-black racism and to foster an environment of unity, empathy, and understanding.

Racism-free and Inclusive Workplace Campaign

In today’s world, black communities face significant hardships and a lack of belonging within society. Blacks in Canada are now making up a sizable proportion of the population, but they remain the most oppressed and marginalized.

The difficult circumstances that Black people face due to limited opportunities for education and training, viable employment, and health and social services, as well as an increase in substance abuse and racist discrimination, are eroding their chances of becoming developed and integrated members of our community. Their imagination, ideals, considerable energies, and vision are critical to the country’s continued development.

We partner with business and other social services with the goal of:

  • Providing inclusive workplace leadership that facilitates learning, offers resources, and demonstrates empathy or the Black community through a workplace-specific program geared toward ending systemic racism.

  • Reducing socioeconomic disparities and systemic racism experienced by Black people in health, finance, education, labour market, and society by developing an inclusive workplace that closes the achievement gap and assists them in recognizing their leadership potential.

  • Increasing the self-confidence and motivation of marginalized Black Canadians by connecting them with high-achieving Black Canadians who have broken down social and economic barriers through the development of a mentorship program that promotes Black excellence.


Leadership and Mentorship Program

To raise leaders that will make lasting changes, influence upcoming generations, and help eradicate the social and racial barriers and inequalities in political, social and economic arenas.

Career and Entrepreneur Excellence

This program motivates Black people to aim high and become competitive as the next generation of entrepreneurs and professionals in their respective fields.

The Bridges Program

Designed to promote cross-race relationships and social cohesion and break the perpetuation of stereotypes by educating participants about racism and racial identity.

Spiritual Healing and Wholeness

Healing from generational/familial trauma, immigration traumas, oppression, displacement, socio-economical traumas, internalized racism, and traumas, etc., to raise leaders.

Specialized Family Services

These services include restorative family programs and services, one-on-one counselling and therapeutic support and a wide range of health and wellness educational programs and services.

Black Children & Youth Support

Designed to promote cross-race relationships and social cohesion and break the perpetuation of stereotypes, encouraging understanding and connectedness within communities.

Immigrant Services for Newcomers

Services tailored to welcome, support and equip Black immigrants and refugees to avoid isolation, depression, discouragement, hopelessness and feelings of alienation in a new country.

Anti-Racism Education & Awareness

to reduce hate crimes and racial discrimination through awareness campaigns and reduce anti-Black racism through various community education discussions and activities.

Digital Literacy Partnership Program

We have a committment towards improving digital literacy and skill development in Canada’s Black communities help advance their economic, financial, and social inclusion.