Beauty Nana Osei

Quality Assurance & Research Coordinator

Beauty (Nana) Osei is the Quality Assurance and Research Coordinator at Great Light Healing Community Services Society. She is a Practice Consultant in environmental public health with over 21 years experience including, 14 years as a field officer in two different provinces. She attended SFU and BCIT for her Bachelor’s degree and is in the process of finishing a Master’s degree from Royal Roads University. Beauty enjoys understanding why and how things work and is passionate about education in plain language for people from all walks of life. Her other passions include research, Food Safety; for which she teaches professionally and on volunteer basis; communicable disease control, water, and personal services where she has a line of creams and implements.

Skill Level

Martha is the Education Coordinator at Great Light Community Services, as such She has clear goals and clear direction for paving the way to student success. Her many years of experience, dedication and her passion for education have proven her exemplary leadership skills for staff and students to follow. Martha is always focussed and attentive to the needs and care of students and staff.

  • Visionary – 80%
  • Leadership – 88%
  • Communication Skills – 84%

When you educate one person you can change a life, when you educate many you can change the world.

– Shai Reshef