Black Children & Youth Support

Black children and youth are often met with inadequate support and care and limited options in every aspect of life. Through this support program, we work with one on one and in group settings to identify their needs, skills and goals and develop strategies to address and meet these areas.

Our program uses an approach of empowerment in helping Black children and youth to gain confidence, identify and develop their inner strength, overcome inferiority complex, identify, and acknowledge their feelings about racism.  

This program offers:

  • Specialized services for Black children and youth in order for them to develop their inner strength, dismantle the inferiority complex born out internalized racism and other traumas such as generational family dysfunction, not limit themselves, so they can grow to become productive and successful individuals in the society.

  • A variety of career and entrepreneurship programs and services to keep Black youths safe while training them to become valuable contributing members of their community and society at large.


    Leadership and Mentorship Program

    To raise leaders that will make lasting changes, influence upcoming generations, and help eradicate the social and racial barriers and inequalities in political, social and economic arenas.

    Career and Entrepreneur Excellence

    This program motivates Black people to aim high and become competitive as the next generation of entrepreneurs and professionals in their respective fields.

    The Bridges Program

    Designed to promote cross-race relationships and social cohesion and break the perpetuation of stereotypes by educating participants about racism and racial identity.

    Spiritual Healing and Wholeness

    Healing from generational/familial trauma, immigration traumas, oppression, displacement, socio-economical traumas, internalized racism, and traumas, etc., to raise leaders.

    Specialized Family Services

    These services include restorative family programs and services, one-on-one counselling and therapeutic support and a wide range of health and wellness educational programs and services.

    Black Children & Youth Support

    Designed to promote cross-race relationships and social cohesion and break the perpetuation of stereotypes, encouraging understanding and connectedness within communities.

    Immigrant Services for Newcomers

    Services tailored to welcome, support and equip Black immigrants and refugees to avoid isolation, depression, discouragement, hopelessness and feelings of alienation in a new country.

    Anti-Racism Education & Awareness

    to reduce hate crimes and racial discrimination through awareness campaigns and reduce anti-Black racism through various community education discussions and activities.

    Digital Literacy Partnership Program

    We have a committment towards improving digital literacy and skill development in Canada’s Black communities help advance their economic, financial, and social inclusion.