Bottle Drive

Want to raise funds for your community in a simple and easy way? Want to be among those who strive daily to make a difference in the lives of others for the greater good? Then donate your empties to our bottle drive today!

You do the donating and we take care of the sorting.

Great Light Bottle Drive is a fundraising initiative to support the programs and services offered at Great Light Healing Community Services Society (GLHCSS) so that we can continue to help more individuals, children, families and communities have a better life and a promising future. Through our community service organization, we are able to join forces with other community organizations, agencies and foundations to provide humanitarian and philanthropic care, support and services to our communities.  

Thank You!

We are thankful for the great turn out we have had so far with this bottle drive and look forward to even greater success. Never underestimate the power a small deed. You never know how far your empty bottles can go and how many lives your simple gesture can help to recover and heal.

Over the past few years, we have been able to help hundreds of families, couples and individuals with tangible results through the services and programs provided by our parent ministry, compared to traditional models of service delivery. We have therefore seen the need to reach out to more people who are seeking for solutions, answers and a way forward, through our holistic approach to care.

Invest in the future that you want to see tomorrow

Join us to empower more individuals from all walks of life by donating your empty pop or juice bottles and cans.