To help people feel that they are contributing to the society, this Centre is designed to support, facilitate and encourage the enhancement of career development, skills building and job market integration through some of the services we offer:

Employment Counselling & Career Pathways Training

This is a program to pave the path for you in the workforce with your collaboration while exposing you to what you have to do to remain in demand for many employers.

Career Development & Opportunities Training

This service provides knowledge, tools, resource and training for people to develop skills and improve their competencies in various areas for easy and rapid integration in the job market.

Skills Development and Competency Skills Services

This service is dedicated to provide anyone regardless of educational background something to be employable Cashier, CSR, office and admin skills, phone etiquette (soft skills), Life skills, time management, financial literacy, budgeting, planning (projections), communication skills (conversation), Green Space  Education, labor skills,  leadership skills.

Job placements are offered as well for different areas like, thrift store, café, library/bookstore, recycling, scrap metal and other labor jobs so new immigrants can enhance their skills or acquire Canadian experience.