Scriptural-based Services

This Centre provides comprehensive of services and programs to support those who identify as Christians or spiritual so they can receive confidential supportive services in almost any topic of life, all from Biblical perspectives in areas such as below:

  • Personal & Intercessory prayer requests: We will pray with and for you regarding any issues of life.

  • Individual counselling services: We will use the Bible to discuss any issues you are facing in life.

  • Marriage/Couple’s Christian-Based Counselling: We shall work with you to achieve your joy and peace in marriage. We will provide you with ongoing support as a Child of God by opening your eyes to scriptural realities of how to marry in a godly manner. We shall share success stories with you.

  • Outreach Programs to Different Communities: We take the gospel to other parts of our community people who are unable to come out of their dwelling place.

  • Conflict Mediation & Resolution Services: No matter what you are going through, the Word of God is infallible and can resolve all matters and troubles, as long as you believe. We shall work with you to get real tangible results.

Every issue will be addressed from Scriptural understanding and principles. All that is required for registration for any of the above services is for callers to request for faith-based or spiritual-based services or programs, and they will be directed to that department.