This Centre provides supportive and connective programs, outreach services, activities and events that aim to strengthen vulnerable members of society, and help them towards connectedness/integration.  In efforts to curb isolation of all kinds among vulnerable people, and in the spirit of fostering community inclusion, capacity building, and integration, we have variety of services for everyone.

The Wise Ones Support Services

A service aiming to end isolation in an effort to tackle depression among our older adults, and provide supportive services for them and help their loved ones provide better support for them in the comfort of their homes. 

Health Champion Services

A service to provide help and support to those in convalescent state while helping their children to not miss school and other important activities of daily living.

Living To Your Best Potentials Services

This service is to provide support for both the children and the parents who face certain issues due to neurological, developmental, or cognitive challenges.

Freedom & Liberation Outreach Program

This program prepares individuals from prisons and jails to acquire skills for survival before their release to help them better reintegrate into their community as contributing members of society.

Domestic Abuse/Violence Prevention Services

This service is uniquely designed to use different strategies and approaches to help victims of domestic violence and abuse, while helping the perpetrator to find better ways of communicating and expressing anger. This program ensures that even professionals can get help from us.

Embracing & Belonging Program

A powerful support program designed to create connection, a sense of belonging and self-value while helping newcomers to Canada settle rather more quickly to avoid issues related to immigration and settlement  like anxiety, loss of hope, depression, to say the least.

Pathway to Success Program For Indigenous Peoples

A specialized outreach program for Indigenous people to help them address issues around employment, substance misuse and education.