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Surrey, British Columbia

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V3W 3J3

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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions. Contact us if you need to learn more.

No questions will be ignored. Our volunteers will answer your questions in 24 hours.


How do I sign up for a program?

You can call 778.328.7729 or email us at


How do you spend money?

We spend every investment on direct services.  We try to cut down on administrative expenses and put at least 80% on direct spending and 20% on administrative costs.


Do you have any religious bond?

Yes. We are the community services branch of Great Light Healing Ministries Int’l: City of Faith.


Are these programs free?

Yes. Every program is free for everyone.


How can I become a volunteer?

Email us at above email address your interests in which department or centre you want to render services or give back to your community. You can fill the form “Be Involved” on the Contact page to send us an email. You will receive a response within 24 hours.


Where do you offer your programs?

In our offices at 12059 88th Avenue, Surrey, BC V3W 3J3.