crisis management & referral Services

This centre is dedicated to meeting the emotional needs of callers and respond to critical situations. Codes of communication will be available on program website for those who cannot speak due to not wanting their perpetrator/abuser to know that they are reaching out for help to avoid further danger of the self.  This service will run as a call centre where individuals receive round the clock emotional support from our support staff/volunteers. They can simply call 24/7 Crisis Help Line at 778.328.7729.

Highly trained professionals work through crises with callers to help them remain calm, provide direction and guidance to get more resources to help them get through lives via referral services. During the call period, assessment is made to determine whether or not the caller requires the support of emergency services like the police (VPD, RCMP & Delta Police Force), paramedics (ambulance) or Fire services. 


Representatives work hard to ensure that the caller is not in distress due to violence, suicide deations or have plans to execute, and are not in danger of abuse of any kind. In any case, if a caller does, representatives make the necessary arrangement to secure their safety.

This centre will serve as a resource centre for other services and programs our organization offers to help the person continue to get help and support. If what they need is not what we offer, we can refer them to other community agencies and organizations as an effort to provide continuum of care.