Excellerix Summer Camp 2024

From July 2nd to August 23rd, 2024, open the doors to a world of discovery, friendship, and endless fun for your children at the Excellerix Summer Camp. Designed exclusively for kids aged 6 to 16, our camp offers an unmatched blend of exhilarating activities, skill-building sessions, and cherished memories that last a lifetime.

Why Excellerix Summer Camp?

Holistic Development

Our camp activities are designed to promote both physical fitness and cognitive growth. Your child will not only enjoy but also learn invaluable life skills.

Safety First

We prioritize the safety of our campers above all. Our team is trained in first aid, and we maintain a strict camper-to-counselor ratio to ensure individual attention.

Diverse Activities

Whether it’s arts & crafts, outdoor adventures, or science experiments, there’s something for every child.

Friendships that Last

At Excellerix, children meet peers from different backgrounds, fostering friendships and mutual respect.

Affordable Fun

Our pricing model ensures that fun doesn’t have to break the bank. With daily and weekly options, we provide flexibility for your family’s needs. $40/week and $320 for entire camp/child. Due to the limited seats and high demand (due to the lower prices), all fees are non-refunadable. 

As low as $40/week, per Child.

Call for more details: 778-328-7729

Or email us at camp@glhcommunityservices.org

Designed exclusively for kids aged 6 to 16.

Our camp operates from 7:30am to 4:30pm, offering early childcare at no extra cost to accommodate working parents.

Summer Camp Activities

Maths & Science 

Our Maths & Science sessions blend hands-on experiments with captivating puzzles, sparking every camper’s curiosity.

Literacy & Languages

Our Literacy & Languages modules combine captivating stories with diverse languages, broadening campers’ horizons.

Arts & Sports

Our Arts & Sports sessions fuse creative expression with physical activity, cultivating both artistic flair and athletic prowess in campers.

Outdoor Activities & Fun

Our outdoor activities blend adventure and fun, creating lasting memories in the great outdoors.

Character Development & Exercise Classes

Our Classes nurture both mental resilience and physical strength in campers.

Cooking & Recreational Activities

Our Cooking & Recreational Activities blend culinary creativity with relaxed fun, offering campers a tasty and joyous experience.

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Hear What Parents Like To Say…

"I sent my two kids to Excellerix last summer, and they haven’t stopped talking about it! The affordable pricing was a bonus for me, but the experiences they had were priceless."

Rosemary D

"Excellerix is the perfect place for kids to learn, play, and grow. The counselors are caring and the activities are both fun and educational. Highly recommended!"

James M

"Excellerix transformed my son's summer! The Cooking & Recreational Activities were a hit. He's now making us weekend breakfasts and won't stop talking about the camp's fun games!"

Sophie M

"The Character Development & Exercise Classes were game-changers for my daughter. She came home stronger, both mentally and physically. We're signing up again next year!"

Carol V

"My twins adored the outdoor activities. They made close friends, learned about teamwork, and discovered the joy of being in nature. Kudos to the Excellerix team!"

Ella P

"Literacy & Languages at Excellerix introduced my child to a world beyond textbooks. The stories and cultural insights were enriching. Highly recommended for holistic learning!"

Jordan T

"Every evening, my son shared a new art project or sports achievement from Excellerix. It was wonderful seeing his enthusiasm and growth throughout the summer."

Leah D

"I was amazed at how much my daughter learned in the Maths & Science sessions at Excellerix. She's now more curious and experimental, always trying out new ideas!"

Manjinder A

"Never thought summer camp could offer so much! My child returned from Excellerix with new skills, stories, and a treasure trove of memories. Truly a transformative experience!"

Grace N

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At Excellerix Summer Camp 2024,

the adventure awaits.