This Centre is dedicated for the delivery of tailored programs and services for individuals, children, youth and families to benefit from restorative strategies, rehabilitation/reparation of life while learning creative ways of problem solving via mediation, conflict resolution and crises intervention while enhancing knowledge about maintaining and sustaining of all kinds of relationships.

The Family Services delivers one-on-one counselling and therapeutic support, couples mediation/conflict resolution programs but without forgetting that not everyone feels comfortable to openly receive support even though they need it. We believe that everyone needs a push or encouragement to do more or better in life, no matter how they believe in their own strengths and abilities.

With this in mind, we guarantee anonymity and high level of confidentiality to encourage high profile professionals and business gurus to feel comfortable to reach out for the help they need in any area of their life to avoid anyone, regardless of class being left behind.

Children First Supportive Care Program

This service is dedicated to helping children deal with issues around divorce, separation and other custody and court battles existing between their parent. We also provide support for the couples involved. Children are our first priority and we work with the family to ensure children’s sanctity and sanity remains intact during such challenging times. 

Recharging Myself Program

Our assumption is that if you are still down and out after a tragic or traumatic event that occurred in your life, then it only goes to show that you need helping hands, and we shall be those hands for you.

Program staff will work with you to create your own blue print which will have details of your self-identified strengths and weaknesses, ways you problem solve, your worldviews about life, how you process the issues you have been through and we will steer you onto the right direction.

New Parents and Babies Program

A program to support both new parents and the babies to thrive. The parent will receive support to avoid postpartum depression and help curb anxieties around having a new member join the family.

Relationship Building Services

This services aspires to utilize principles of holism to provide support for anyone in need of restoring or developing a lasting relationship. In this case, we ensure that all factors impacting relationships from thriving are addressed accordingly to avoid adding more numbers of broken relationships on both national and global stats.

This might include building or repairing a relationship between mother and children, fathers and their children, wife and husband, extended families, workplace, schools including childcare centres, and any place where relationships exist.

The purpose of this program is to prevent further disintegration of families and help restore relationships so that the parties can enjoy each other and support each other’s dreams of life for self-actualization in life.

Marriage Counselling Services

This is one-on-one supportive services for couples and partners to identify issues decaying the love fabric of their relationship. We give you the support and help needed to repair the irreparable and already broken relationship. We are of the opinion that marriages crumble because the parties involved may not be able to deal with issues that arise in their relationship on a daily basis.

The other factor could also be that there is too much bottling of emotions going on, so by the time both parties realize it, they have both concluded that they are no longer interested in dwelling with each other.

Educational Services for Foster & Adoptive Parents

Foster parenting is a beautiful act of care for children in need of parent support and love. Nonetheless, it comes with its own challenges.  Providing care for children who are not biologically related to you will be on one side exciting, rewarding and powerful, but on the other side, one feel very unappreciated for the efforts you put in.

Sessions will be delivered in and out of the office as it will gear towards those who cannot come due to mobility, mental health and other physical conditions. Training and education will be provided to anyone who provides care for children as foster parents and help them deal with issues of daily living to help them do a good job for those children in need.