Favour Mulera

Executive / General Ops. Manager

Favour Mulera is the Executive Officer at Great Light Healing Community Services Society. She comes with vast experience working with people from all walks of life. With a passion to help others and a love for seeing their potential flourish, Favour has always found herself at her best, working as an Assistant in both grassroots organizations and corporate environments. Her administrative career began in 1998 when she was a student, working as an Assistant Secretary at a Pediatric Consultancy Clinic where she not only handled administrative responsibilities but also engaged with clients, patients and found joy assisting medical staff with various client relation responsibilities. Favour also spent seven (7) years working in community centres and transitional homes as a support worker; assisting single parents, street youth, victims of abuse, refugees, individuals facing incarceration, and young offenders. With an interest in writing, arts and Human Rights, Favour studied International Relations, Aboriginal Studies, Creative Writing and Legal Communications. Upon graduating, she worked at The Canadian Legal Consultancy Centre, Fashion Design Council of Canada, The Consulate of British Columbia and a Private Wealth Firm where she worked as an Executive Assistant and Compliance Officer. As an Executive Assistant, Favour provided support to her Directors, clients and Corporate affiliates. Her professional experience, resilient nature, zeal for ongoing development and learning and her delight in seeing the wholesome transformation of lives, makes her a vital part of our organization.

Skill Level

Martha is the Education Coordinator at Great Light Community Services, as such she has clear goals and clear direction for paving the way to student success. Her many years of experience, dedication and her passion for education have proven her exemplary leadership skills for staff and students to follow. Martha is always focussed and attentive to the needs and care of students and staff.

  • Visionary – 80%
  • Leadership – 88%
  • Communication Skills – 84%

When you educate one person you can change a life, when you educate many you can change the world.

Shai Reshef