"Raising Responsible Children for the Future"

Now accepting registration for SUMMER 2023 for the following programs:


Little Researchers: Ages 1-4

Explorers: Ages 5-7

Adventurers: Ages 8-10

Future Leaders: Ages 11-15

Little Researchers

Our Little Researchers is an interactive day program which encourages brain development and physical and socio-emotional growth in a child-friendly learning environment. We provide a safe, enriched and challenging environment with a variety of experiences that allow children to interact, explore, observe and, choose and move freely using different methods and strategies of stimulation.

Explorers Program

This is a full-day program for children 5-7 years old where they will be engaged in a variety of educational, interactive and fun activities including learning essential basic life skills, expressing emotions in healthy ways, proper hygiene, exploring nature, storytelling, science, music, art and much more! Children spend most of their time outdoors. Your child will learn a lot and gain skills they need at each developmental milestone. We offer field trips to the park and library to allow continued growth and development.

Adventurers Program


Our Adventurers Program is designed for children 8-10 years old and engages them in exciting educational and interactive activities where they learn about the environment, science, technology, the importance of sleep, self-care, emotional regulation, being a good helper, important life skills, bad versus good friends just to name a few. Additionally, we offer field trips to the park and library to allow continued growth and development.

Future Leaders

This is a program for youth 11-15 which aims to prepare them for the future by equipping them with the necessary skills they need. This program covers various topics including 3D printing, visual arts, self-care, life skills, communication, language classes, environmental awareness, choosing friends, making good choices, career exploration and much more! Also, we offer outings to the park and local library to allow continued growth and development.

Programs Costs

1 week for 4 kids = $350.00

1 week for 3 kids = $300.00

1 week for 2 kids = $250.00

1 week for 1 child = $150.00

$10 per hour for children with special needs

Drop-ins $30 per day

$55 Registration Fee:

This covers the complete package:
2 T-Shirts, a water bottle, an ID Card for child and 1 parent. To replace IDs will be at a $5 cost.

$50 Damage Deposit Fee:

Your child may cause flooding the toilets, snacks, coloring on the walls, etc. This is refundable at the end of the program if no damage has been done and it has not been used to cover any additional expenses for your child.

Hours of Operation

GJones Kids Club operates:
Monday – Friday from 8:30AM – 5:00PM
From July 4, 2022  – August 19, 2022.
This program is offered every year.
Drop-ins are welcome anytime.


How to register:

1. Complete the registration form and submit it to us along with the following forms via email or in person:

  • Copy of birth certificate of child
  • Copy of parent/guardian government issued photo ID
  • Package fee of $55

Deposit fee of $50 (this will be refunded at the end of the program if your child caused no damages to property and/or we did not use to cover additional expenses for the child, like snacks)

Program fee (you can choose to pay weekly, biweekly, monthly or in full). The package fee includes a care package which contains the following:

Registration form ** You can pick up all forms or print them from your email

  • 2 GJones Kids Club golf t-shirts
  • A water bottle
  • A Notebook
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Child ID card & ID card for one parent

***You can pay the program fee by cash or e-transfer to gjoneskids@glhcommunityservices.org


2. Read through the information provided in the Parent Handbook, as you will be required to sign a form to this effect.

3. Submit all documents to complete your child’s file:

  • Parent Handbook Acknowledgement Form;
  • Media Release Form
  • Permission to Administer Medication Form (if applicable)

These documents must be submitted before your child can commence the program.

You may submit these documents to us via email at gjoneskids@glhcommunityservices.org or submit them to us in person at our centre during office hours 8:30AM – 5:00PM, Monday – Friday.