Our Centre for Health & Wellness delivers programs and services that will promote healthy living and wellness through education, in order to enhance one’s quality of Life. 

We are taking proactive, preventative measures as we believe that it is one of the best means of mitigating against some of the major health challenges like Alzheimers, depression, schizophrenia, psychosis, ADHD, Autism, brain injury, trauma/PTSD, Parkinson’s, fibromalgia, and other psychoneurological disorders. We offer different services and programs to ensure that we provide high level of support and care for people to remain healthy:

  • Emotional Education Program

  • Three Brains Program

  • Loving & Caring For Your Heart Program

  • Loving Your Body Program

  • Divine Touch Reinvigorative Services


  • Divine Touch Reinvigorative Services

  • Be Natural Program

  • Nutrition & Healthy Eating Program

  • Suicide Prevention Program


Emotional Education Program

Most people do not have time to think about their brain and emotional well-being as much as they care about their physical and social life. The brain, due to the fact that it is not so visible, is often forgotten in the myriads of other cares of life. However, the brain is the centre of everyone’s life. Without the proper functionality of the brain nothing works well.

Therefore, we lay emphasis on taking care of your brain because a healthy brain equals a healthy person in all areas of life. Clarity in thinking, thought processing, overall cognitive health, which then translates to healthy emotions, psychological or psychiatric being, good stress management skills and the list goes on.

Three Brains Program

Science has made a striking connection between the brain, heart and gut. They conclude that once the gut is unwell, the other sectors will be affected. This means, whenever there is something wrong with the gut your brain will receive the message even before it gets to other organs.

They also claim that many diseases and sicknesses originate from the gut before it gets to the other parts of the body. Therefore, it is vital for people to learn about how to keep their gut clean and healthy, so they do not get sick unnecessarily.

This is a great exposure that the average busy person may not be aware of, but it is of paramount importance.  Thus, as lovers of health and wellness, we aim to create awareness, especially to people considered disadvantaged in terms of finances and educate them about this as a means to promoting overall sense of health.

Be Natural Program

Most people are worried about pharmacological medications because they come with lots of unpleasant side effects. The truth is, everything has side effects. However, many people prefer natural means of taking care of themselves than the conventional ways. Regardless, we need both ends to make us all healthy. This program will support anyone who wants to use natural ways of supporting their emotional, physical, or mental health. We will consult with naturopathic experts and herbalists who are proven by others to provide care.

This program also provides services and support to any-one in need of it by helping them exploring ways of taking care of themselves naturally through natural products and services. Our team will comprise of those who are knowledgeable about the products and more research will be implemented if need be to ensure that products are safe for the individual.

Suicide Prevention Program

There have been major moves towards funding for pro-grams and services to reducing suicide. It is true that prevention is better than cure, we sympathize with everyone who has lost a loved one to such a tragedy. We believe that the more awareness we create in our respective communities, the better the out-comes, and the more people will know about reaching out for help and not take that route as their final resort.

Through campaigns, training, resources and education we provide support and care for support and care for individuals, families and their loved ones who are dealing with issues associated with suicide to ensure that the number remains low in our communities.

Divine Touch Reinvigorative Services

The traditional model of admonishing encouraging, offering the shoulder for another to cry on, providing space for venting, helping another to see what they are unable to see in the face of adversities, helping them put their fears and worries to rest, and walking alongside or sometimes in their shoes while helping them get through and over with issues and challenges of life, is always utmost best form of support, and the result is always healing from within.