Our proposed building plan


We believe that people who give towards a cause do so because they have faith and hope in the organization they give to. We also believe donors expect honesty, transparency, trust and above all, gratitude from on behalf of those they invest in. We believe that in order to encourage the spirit of philanthropy, we have to conduct business in manners that promote professionalism, good stewardship, and lasting relationship practices while, making every donor feel fully involved. In doing the above, we are able to encourage more people to give for the betterment of individuals, families, communities, and Canada as a whole.

We want to ensure that the public have trust in us in the manner that we handle funds, while serving the interests of our various communities. Therefore, below is our list of Statements of Assurance for you our benevolent investors. Please know that at any time, you have the right:

1. To anticipate that your relationship with us will be cordial, respectful, and loyal.

2. To be informed about the position of the person or organization (if hired, volunteers or paid solicitors) asking for donations from you on behalf of our organization.

3. To specify where and in what area you want your investment to be allocated.

4. To remain anonymous in your dealings with us as it pertains to the public.

5. To get have your questions answered, and thoughts clarified in a prompt and sincere manner.

6. To attend our Project Committee to access financial reports, updates on programs and services, et cetera.

7. To be announced and/or recognized in our newsletters, blogs, and podcast for your substantial investments.

8. To be informed of our organization’s core values, mission, vision & purpose.

9. To be provided, upon request, financial statement of how your investments were used (to what program or services was the money used on).

10. To request for your donations receipt.

11. For your name or email to be removed from our mailing list upon request.

12. To be honored and or recognized for your good deeds.

13. To volunteer with our organization if you have any specific skills to offer.

Imagine each person receiving unique services tailored to meet their own growth and developmental needs, so that they can turn around and become agents of transformation for the society.

Have you ever imagined having your community full of stable and functional families; children who are educated enough to know how not to participate in destructive behaviours such as drug and alcohol consumption, or other self-limiting lifestyles?

Can you imagine a community in which individuals living with struggles and challenges feel that they are also contributing positively because they are taught to see themselves no less than anyone else?

Can you imagine how you would feel to know that your partnership goes as far as not making anyone be waitlisted for help and the support they desperately need?

Can you imagine a community where people who have had contact with the law can develop the necessary skills for reintegration, and helping them become contributing and functioning members of the society so that we can reduce the rate of recidivism?

Can you imagine how you would feel to know that you have a hand in the prevention of suicide resulting from isolation/ostracism and stigma, and helping people living with depression recover?

Have you ever imagined a community where people living with terminal illness receive support so they can feel cared for, and how helping those living in a state of helplessness/hopelessness can begin to see the bright future that is deeply buried and hidden right within themselves?

Can you imagine a facility with adequate staffing and space that will enable us to serve this many people (51,745) in one year rather than seven ? 

Can you imagine the positive impacts your partnership to help us deliver more services to more people can have on our society and economy?

From all that we’ve shared with you so far, it is the right time for you to take the right step in the right direction. With you onboard, we will be sufficiently equipped to bring more authentic transformation to families, marriages, corporations, and individual lives. This, in clear terms, translates into re-birthing and rekindling lost hopes, and recovering dead dreams, equipping individuals with the tools and support needed for self-recovery, discovery and fulfillment to enhance quality of life.

“If you can imagine any of these possibilities, then we can imagine you being a partner with us to impact Canada, one life at a time!”