immigration settlement Services

Given the importance of immigrants in helping build Canada, our services aim to welcome, support and equip them with what it takes to become contributing members of the society in a very short time to avoid isolation, depression, discouragement, hopelessness and feelings of alienation. We aim to include the following services and programs to help newcomers settle as quickly as possible:

  • Community Resource and Orientation Services Language: (ESL) and Life skills Training Services by enrolling them in programs and services from the Centre for Career & Employment Training
  • Education & Language Services in reading, written and fluency skills
  • Specialized Employment Services
  • Referral to Community Connection Services to curb isolation
  • Referral Services to different community agencies that will add to their benefit.

We also incorporate activities like BBQ, bringing a friend to a feast, regular outdoor activities involving games and food for immigrant children and families. Our bridging programs allow us to pair up newcomers with volunteer mentors to provide additional support via regular meetings and follow ups, as well as regular group activities including social outings where newcomers can explore their surroundings and the resources available for example visits to key public services such as museums, municipal libraries and community centers.