Investing in the right place matters a lot.

Great Light Healing Community Services Society (GLHCSS) was created in order to join forces with other agencies and organization to provide humanitarian and philanthropic care, support and services to our communities.

Over the last few years, we have witnessed tangible results, beyond words, through the services and programs provided by our ministry. Great Light Healing Ministries Int’l: City of Faith (the mother organization) impacts more lives when compared with traditional models of service delivery. You can find tons of testimonies of people whose lives have been touched by our Ministry at

Volunteers and program staff who are also active members of the Ministry whose qualifications range from Bachelors to Doctorate level, have over 317 combined years of experience and extensive knowledge in immigration, legal & advocacy, social work, health & long-term care, education, community outreach & mental health, child custody and protection, counselling & therapy, mediation & conflict resolution, employment & career development, mentorship & coaching, research, and leadership development.

These experts, who use to practice care provision in different sectors using traditional models alone have made an unflinching conclusion that rates of success between our new model of care (holism & scriptural-based care) and the conventional methods are just incomparable. We are not in any way denying the effectiveness of traditional approaches to supportive care.

After all, we could tell the difference in terms of effectiveness because the conventional ways of care provided us with basic foundations. We created our new platform standing on the old foundation (the conventional methods of care).  But we felt the need to move away in order to embrace a whole new way of service provision that works on anyone regardless of their story.

Moving away from the status quo is the introduction of new, unique ways of providing supportive care services to individuals, children, youth, and families, communities that come with local and global impacts.  By using holism model for care provision, and incorporating Scriptural doctrines and principles taught by our priest, we enjoyed innumerable success stories from people across the globe testifying about how the teachings of our Priest have touched their lives (personal, business, family and relationships), coupled with the waves of anecdotal evidence and survey results stressed the demand for expanding our services and programs for more people to benefit even the more.