Lanette shaw

Education & Language Services Manager

Lanette Shaw is the Manager of the Centre for Arts, Education and Language Services at Great Light Healing Community Services Society. She holds a Bachelor’s of Education Degree in English Language & Literature and has professional teaching experience working for the Ministry of Education. She has years of volunteer experience working as an early childhood educator and caregiver for children and experience as an English and Math tutor. She also holds a diploma in Social Media Marketing and has worked in different capacities in the customer service sector. She has had a passion for teaching and education from the tender age of five and used to teach kids in her neighbourhood to read, write and do math. Her philosophy is that every child is born with a special gift and has diverse talents and capabilities, and as such has the potential to be great contributors to the world if they are allowed the opportunity to discover themselves while learning academically. Her ultimate goal is to inspire young people to dream big and work hard towards achieving their highest potentials no matter the obstacles.

Skill Level

As an Education Manager, Lanette create, manage, review and evaluate curriculum and education content to ensure accuracy and consistency; support staff with planning and implementing of education services for delivery to participants and their families; Support and help education staff to improve their performance and meet program/centre goals; communicate effectively with participants, parents, staff, other managers, directors and stakeholders.

  • Curriculum Development – 80%
  • Performance Management & Supervision – 90%
  • Communication – 90%

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

Maya Angelou