Great Light Healing Community Services Society’s Digital Literacy Training Program is holding their very first graduation ceremony featuring families and friends of program participants, community members and distinguished guests. The event will be held on Friday, October 29th, 2021 from 1:00 PM – 4:00PM, at the organization’s facility at 12057 88 Ave, Surrey, BC.


For the last three months, 27 participants ages 55+ have been gathered in the computer room where they were taught basic technical skills and competencies to help them better navigate their social environment to prevail in our current digital world. Participants were able to improve their mastery of the basic functions of their phone, computer applications, web browsers, email, and other communication tools, as well as ways to protect themselves against online scams. 


“We have been amazed by the impact of this program on the participants. We have had incredible testimonies on how they were overjoyed at the large amount of knowledge they’ve gained, the skills they’ve acquired and their heightened level of awareness of the online world”, says Mrs. Joshabelle Suman-Chineye, Vice President of Programs & Services at Great Light Healing Community Services Society.


The program is truly lifesaving, when one considers the impact of the digital world on seniors and those with limited to no knowledge of even basic digital skills and how frustrating it can be for these participants to function in today’s technologically inclined society.

This is what one of the participants had to say about the program:  

“This course helped me to increase my working knowledge of the computer world. I learned how to protect my personal digital information from theft. I also learned how to spot digital scams from people who want to trick me out of my money. Furthermore, I learned the difference between how computer applications work and how the internet works. I also learned many short cuts to improve my efficiency level at my regular job. Praise God for finding and funding this course with such patient, knowledgeable and giving teachers!!” (Orville) 


At their graduation ceremony, the participants will be receiving a certificate of participation and will have a moment to celebrate their achievements in front of their family members, friends, and other members of the community. The program was possible thanks to a funding from the Ministry of Employment and Social Development’s New Horizons for Seniors Program.