noel lavieille

software & global Marketing Engineering

Noel Lavieille is the Software & Global Marketing Engineer at Great Light Healing Community Services Society. He studied Computer Science in college, and was full of dreams to build innovative software applications. Noel discovered Oracle database software and the disciplines of Database Administration and Data Warehouse Design and from there, it became his passion to design and create corporate databases to be scalable, fault-tolerant and high-performing. Moreover, Noel focused his energy, working closely with Business Executives to realize their visions to unlock the power found in raw data, converting it into actionable information to measure and reveal hidden opportunities. He has worked in these capacities since 2001 and in more recent years, Noel discovered an enthusiasm for Direct Response Marketing, pioneered by such innovators as Dan Kennedy. In this area, he has spent the majority of his time building digital marketing sales funnels.

Skill Level

As a sales coordinator at Great light community service society, Abdul’s main objective is to manage sales and facilitate communication between sales representatives. Abdul is primarily in charge of achieving sales goals and maintaining positive customer relations. He spends majority of his time on administrative tasks such as managing schedules and ensuring customer satisfaction.

  • Leadership – 80%
  • Verbal and written Communication Skills – 85%
  • Team player – 95%

“Great things come from hard work & perseverance. No excuses”

– Koby Bryant –