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From where it all started

At the early years of the ministry, as part of the services to the community, our priest was the first to spend 12-16 hours straight counselling people, praying and admonishing people from all walks of life. The reason he became popular. He later mentored those who work in his office to assist him as the work was becoming enormous for him alone. However, he ensured that all services were provided based on his worldviews about Jesus Christ and the scriptures. The testimonies generated from his spiritual ministrations paved the way for the community services branch of the ministry to be birthed.

As time went on, our Spiritual Leader was able to raise a handful of passion driven individuals who saw the need to practicalize and adopt the teachings of our spiritual leader in helping others. We first started as a pilot project where we took a few families, youth and children and started providing them with support and care. Then we saw that the results were great because of the principles we adopted from the teachings of our Priest. As time went on we soon realize that the demands were increasing so we started training other volunteers to replicate service in multiple areas.

Our interest began to build as we saw more and more people getting better in terms of health, finances, academic and career. Most of the youth that we mentor from the beginning started winning awards and scholarships from their school. The people that went through our employment counselling were able to retain their jobs and even won employee of the year awards. After people receive spiritual ministration from The Minister, we, the community service department followed up to provide social, emotional and physical needs, and took findings back to the priest so that he continues to pray for those who needed more spiritual support. For everyone he prayed for, we provided social services support for them to fulfill holistic approach to care mandate set for us. Most of our work was done on evenings, holidays, weekends and working from home.


After seven (7) years of providing services to thousands of people, we were greatly inspired by anecdotal evidence and findings from surveys, the only thing that came to mind is to give others the opportunity to benefit from our services. The step that changed the face of our ministry.

After a few years of providing services the impacts were too huge, and testimonials began to grow, so we divided up into different departments with coordinators and leaders all on a volunteer basis. We had a department to cater to every physical, emotional and social need of everyone who came through our doors, both short and long term basis. In a space of three (3) years the majority of the people that came here broken, homeless, separated, going through child custody, guardianship issues, academic challenges/school drop-outs, drug, alcohol and other substance misuse, sex trade, shoplifting, having severe mental illnesses and neurological disorders and terminal and chronic diseases all began to feel different and made changes to their lives in positive ways. And even the seniors in our midst were enjoying overall well being.

Within seven we have served more than 51,745 children, youth, adults and families. As such, we concluded that if with limited manpower and resources we could generate such success stories, then with more more support from community lovers and people who believe in investing in the future of Canada to make it still one of the greatest places on earth, these services could be the solution most peoples need. In 2020, Great Light Healing Community Services Society (GLHCSS) was incorporated as a society to continue building on what we have learned and adopted from our forerunner, Abraham Jones.

“Performance, Productivity, Results and Global Impacts”

As more people join this great vision of transforming individuals in our communities and they end up transforming others we can create global impacts, starting with Canada, one person at a time. Using the founding principles, wisdom, values and skills we are taught to build and equip one individual at a time, who will go on to impact many more families and their communities to benefit Canada as a whole. This is because most broken people will be strengthened to bring out their hidden potentials, and they would not have to depend on government support for everything, and this is where our Community Services comes in to contribute, expand and enhance human, social and economic capital of Canada.


  • To provide a service based on individually driven goals and needs for self-actualization.

  • To ensure that each person gets the support and help necessary to actualize their dreams of life.

  • To ensure that anyone who needs support is never turned away or without being waitlisted to prevent disruption of continuum of care.

  • To engage every child, every youth and adult to support them to not continue living in self-limiting, self-destructive behaviours.

  • Equipping children youth individuals and families in knowledge, education, and support to make life enhancement choices.

  • To prevent children, youth, and adults from engaging in self-limiting, self-destructive behaviours.

  • To foster hope, self-worth, self confidence, and self-esteem so that no one sees themselves less than others.

  • Creating a level playing field for every individual to be given the chance for success.

  • Using the individual as the foundation to influence families, communities, and the nation. An agent of positive change and contribution

  • To ensure that every resource invested be it material, financial or human is well utilized for the maximization of results.

  • One of the goal is to value the individual, their experiences, knowledge, skills and potentials. 

“My life has never be the same since I get involved with GLHCSS!”

I have learned more about myself, and now I have tools in my toolbox on how to deal with my wife, how to deal with my children, how to run my business and how to deal with myself as a man. I have been running charitable organizations for more than 2 decades but now I have learned how to really be charitable.

Orville Lee, President – Pathfinder Youth Society

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