Partner with us

“Be a partner with us to impact Canada one life at a time!”

Partnership Benefits

You or your organization will get the opportunity to be promoted on our website for up to 6 months, or permanently if you continue to partner with us.

You will also be mentioned and introduced to hundreds of people, like business partners and owners, developers and investors from all across Canada during every Open House and Info Sessions.

Invitation for a dinner where you or your organization will be presented as a sponsor or a funder for your substantial contribution.

A plaque with your name and/or company name will be posted at the reception desk of our new facility.

A gift basket and gratitude certificate signed by the project committee.

Invitation to attend our quarterly financial report meetings to learn more about our financial progress, network with others, ask questions and receive forthright answers.

Your partnership brings a lot to the table, and you also take so much away, including a lasting,  trustworthy relationship. Many have already joined, and you are next to put your investments where your heart truly yearns for. Nothing is too small because the mighty ocean was made up of drops of rain. It is better to give a little than nothing at all. Thank you for partnering with the us today.