Public Relations & Planning Coordinator

Paul Gaudreault has worked in the advertising and marketing industry for 16 years managing marketing & production projects. He holds a certificate in Desktop Publishing. He has been involved in running local and national advertising campaigns. Paul has developed strong relationships with business associates, vendors & media outlets. Paul thrives in a challenging, fast-paced environment. He is known for his ability to quickly establish trust with customers and employees due to his friendly, reliable, and outgoing personality. In addition, Paul holds a license in car sales and has worked as a successful car sales associate for 3 years at the number one dealership in Western Canada. Paul is the CEO and owner of PLG Handyman renovation business for residential and commercial properties. He is a multitalented individual who also holds a certificate as a Building Services Worker and WHMIS.

Skill Level

As a Public Relations and Planning coordinator, Paul is in charge of designing and organizing events to raise funds and awareness for the organization. He is an effective Public Relations Professional who is creative and innovative in his approach to generate solutions. Paul brings to the organization valuable years of experience in customer service and advertising.

  • Team player – 90%
  • Problem Solver – 82%
  • Flexibility – 92%

Advertising is saying you’re good, Public Relations is getting someone else to say that you’re good.

Jean-Louis Gassee