Specialized Family Services

Restorative Family Services

These are programs and services tailored for Black individuals, children, youth and families to benefit from restorative strategies, rehabilitation/reparation of life while learning creative ways of problem solving via mediation, conflict resolution and crises intervention and enhancing knowledge about maintaining and sustaining harmonious relationships.

Counselling and Therapy Support

We provide one-on-one counselling and therapeutic support, mediation/conflict resolution programs for Black families and couples, taking into account that many in the Black community do not feel comfortable to openly receive support even though they need it, and with our belief that everyone needs a push or encouragement to do more or better in life, no matter how they believe in their own strengths and abilities.

Health & Wellness Programs

We provide a wide range of health and wellness educational programs and services that promote healthy living and wellness through education, in order to enhance one’s quality of life, taking proactive, preventative measures as we believe that it is one of the best means of mitigating against some of the major health challenges that are prevalent in the Black community including diseases such as obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases; mental health issues such as addictions, suicidality, trauma/PTSD, depression and other neurological disorders.


Leadership and Mentorship Program

To raise leaders that will make lasting changes, influence upcoming generations, and help eradicate the social and racial barriers and inequalities in political, social and economic arenas.

Career and Entrepreneur Excellence

This program motivates Black people to aim high and become competitive as the next generation of entrepreneurs and professionals in their respective fields.

The Bridges Program

Designed to promote cross-race relationships and social cohesion and break the perpetuation of stereotypes by educating participants about racism and racial identity.

Spiritual Healing and Wholeness

Healing from generational/familial trauma, immigration traumas, oppression, displacement, socio-economical traumas, internalized racism, and traumas, etc., to raise leaders.

Specialized Family Services

These services include restorative family programs and services, one-on-one counselling and therapeutic support and a wide range of health and wellness educational programs and services.

Black Children & Youth Support

Designed to promote cross-race relationships and social cohesion and break the perpetuation of stereotypes, encouraging understanding and connectedness within communities.

Immigrant Services for Newcomers

Services tailored to welcome, support and equip Black immigrants and refugees to avoid isolation, depression, discouragement, hopelessness and feelings of alienation in a new country.

Anti-Racism Education & Awareness

to reduce hate crimes and racial discrimination through awareness campaigns and reduce anti-Black racism through various community education discussions and activities.

Digital Literacy Partnership Program

We have a committment towards improving digital literacy and skill development in Canada’s Black communities help advance their economic, financial, and social inclusion.