Community Connections & Outreach Services Manager

Sylvia Simpson is a certified Early Childhood Educational teacher, but previously she was a support worker for women, youth and children with over 15 years experience. Sylvia also enjoyed a career as a manager of a Second stage Housing program and an Indigenous outreach worker, life skills coach and childcare provider. Prior to being a manager and a life skills coach, Sylvia spent 3 years working as a support worker in an Indigenous drug and alcohol recovery facility. Sylvia offers a wide range of skills – from working with High Risk Families to First Aid CPR certificate, to running a Daycare. Sylvia specializes in helping people set goals they want to achieve and support them with resources and knowledge to achieve them. After a successful career in the life skills and support worker field, gain an ECE certificate Sylvia has now decided to reach further and is now attending school to achieve a Bachelor degree in Fine Arts. Once this is achieved she will move on to her final goal to gain an Art therapy degree. A wife, mother of four, artist, and self-employed, Sylvia has tons of life experience to offer and she is actively involved in her church.

Skill Level

Martha is the Education Coordinator at Great Light Community Services, as such she has clear goals and clear direction for paving the way to student success. Her many years of experience, dedication and her passion for education have proven her exemplary leadership skills for staff and students to follow. Martha is always focussed and attentive to the needs and care of students and staff.

  • Visionary – 80%
  • Leadership – 88%
  • Communication Skills – 84%

When you educate one person you can change a life, when you educate many you can change the world.

Shai Reshef